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SGN IT Solution Convergence delivers high-quality, reliable and cost-effective IT services to clients around the world. We complement deep industry and technology skills and focus on business solutions with process frameworks and applications outsourcing capabilities. SGN IT Solution delivers innovative application development by adopting flexible & scalable architectures that ensure 24x7 business availability & reduced development cycle times. We have expertise in different areas to meet your outsourcing and Application Development needs. These include development of Business Applications as well as Embedded Solutions and System Software.

A typical scenario for execution of a project is as follows:

  • A requirements analysis for the project is conducted at the client site or at the SGN IT Solution development center in India.
  • After a Level of effort is agreed upon, the design and development work on the project is initiated at the  SGN IT Solution   Development Center. The project manager assigned to the project is responsible for corresponding with the contact at the client site on a regular basis and keeping that person informed of the step-by-step progress made on the project.
  • After the project has been executed up to the satisfaction of the client, it is implemented.

On-site Consultancy

Our Knowledge, skills and experience engineers can understand the exact requirement of the client. According to that requirement, we deploy an appropriate number of engineers at the client's site to work on the project.

Application Development

Our SGN IT SOLUTION outsourcing software application development services include customized application development as well as product development. At SGN IT Solution , we use technology to create powerful solutions that are focused on such critical areas as enhancing customer relations and increasing revenue opportunities. We use state-of-the-art technologies to translate your IT vision into reality and create powerful solutions that are focused on enhancing customer relations, increasing revenue opportunities and the creation of new competitive advantage for you. At SGN IT Solution, we focus on building applications using software components which reduce cost and time of development.

Our business model also includes co-development of products where we share revenue and risk together. We provide solution like:

  • Client-server Application development
  • Distributed Application development
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Browser Based Application

Application Development Process

  • Feasibility Analysis : Feasibility is one of the most important aspect of any project. An application or product that is feasible at one point in time, may become infeasible later. Identifying the possible future scenario, technical and economical feasibility study is conducted to decide goal and development requirements.
  • System Analysis and Prototyping : System analysis and prototyping is done based on client requirements. Functionalities and user interface design is done at this stage.
  • Implementation : Based on system analysis and prototypes, coding takes place
  • Testing : Requirement testing and product testing is done after implementation

Application Maintenance

After having spent a huge money and time in creating a solution a company would like to maintain it rather than moving to new software's. 80% of the projects today are maintenance project. Supporting the applications while they are in use is key to providing a complete business service. As part of the Software Maintenance one may wish to perform one or all of the following maintenance.
  • Corrective Maintenance : Reactive modifications of a software product or application are performed after delivery to correct discovered problems.
  • Adaptive Maintenance : Modification of a software product or application performed after delivery to keep a software product usable in a changed or changing environment.
  • Perfective Maintenance : Modification of a software product after delivery to improve performance or maintainability.
  • Preventive Maintenance : Modification of a software product after delivery to detect and correct latent faults in the software product before they become effective faults.

Application Testing

SGN IT Solution Convergence has considerable expertise in Application Testing and Quality Control.

Key Activities

Planning the quality control activities, Understanding the application and associated business and functional requirements, Creation of test cases for functional, system integration, load, stress, performance, regression testing and Execution of the test cases, defect reporting, and defect database maintenance. SGN IT Solution can synchronize testing activities with development teams for efficient and faster turnarounds; comprehensive testing with maximum coverage, to ensure a defect free product. SGN IT Solution has a proven SGN IT SOLUTION testing model and can establish multiple communication channels to minimize time differences. We use industry standard quality control tools such as Rational Test Studio and Rational Enterprise Studio.

SGN IT Solution can also automate testing to reduce the time taken for regression testing, and is able to pass on the gains in productivity to the client in terms of fast turnaround times and competitive pricing.

Technology Staffing

SGN IT Solution, Inc. specializes in providing comprehensive, customized, strategic staffing solutions. Whether for a new implementation, an upgrade or production support and maintenance, we are uniquely qualified to identify and deliver the right resources to your team.

Projects Controlling

SGN IT Solution provides MySql E-Business, Eclips, Java, Struts 2.0, Maven Builder, Spring, Hibernate, XML, Tomcat, Ajax , Java Script, J-Query, CSS , SAP and SAP BI (BW) Solutions and Services that are deployable throughout each stage of your solution life cycle. Whether you are in the planning, developing, implementing or maintenance stage of your application life cycle, we can assist.

Managed Services

Whether you need help with Application Development, Database Administration or Support with a growing list of Enhancements, we work with you to customize the right SGN IT SOLUTION solution that meets your company's needs, objectives and budget.


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